217,778 kWh Saved per annum
114.3 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 46%
Annual saving in pounds – £15,271
Payback of initial investment – 1.09 yrs

Harrods has been trading since 1849 as a family run company which prides itself on a reputation for excellence. Harrods is so vast selling ‘Everything for Everyone Everywhere’ it is considered a city within a city with the store covering 4.5 acres. Harrods approached Quintex to enhance its already excellent environmental performance.

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Harrods already have a first class energy service and pride themselves on a reputation for excellence. This has been further enhanced using Quintex’s ventilation control system.
As well as the Knightsbridge store, Harrods also has subsidiary companies including Harrods Bank, Estates, Aviation and Air Harrods. Harrods has 25 restaurants within the property as well as its famous Food Hall.

Being environmentally savvy Harrods store generates over 70% of its own electricity from its own generators, as well as drawing water from its three artesian wells.

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Due to the large size of the fan, 38kW, in the sub-basement kitchen of the Knightsbridge store Quintex’s system has saved Harrods a considerable amount in both energy and carbon savings, resulting in a pay back of just 1.09 years.

The system uses intelligent controls and sensors to detect when cooking activity is taking place, and then uses this information to adjust the speed of the kitchen extract and supply fans accordingly. Due to the laws of affinity when the fan speeds are reduced to 40% in standby mode of their full speed only 6% of energy is consumed leading to impressive savings.

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Harrods continue to improve their energy efficiency and lower their dependence on grid power and Quintex are proud to be part of such a large energy reduction campaign in a complex and challenging building.

With energy price increases now happening on a regular basis, the system will continue to provide savings for Harrods and hopefully savings for “Everyone Everywhere”.

Quintex are continuing to work with Harrods to ensure all their kitchens have the opportunity to be fitted with Cheetah, the world leading demand based ventilation control system.

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