Project Highlights
159,966 kWh Saved per annum
84 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 62%
Annual saving in pounds – £14,118
Payback of initial investment – 1.39 yrs

Blu Edwardian Hotels are a collection of 14 deluxe hotels located in central London, Heathrow and Manchester. Each of the hotels is carefully designed to provide stylish accommodation combined with a high level of service and includes individually designed rooms, the latest technology, meeting spaces and chic restaurants and bars.

Hilton Hotels have achieved an 13 month pay back on their energy saving investment by converting to Cheetah.
Hilton Hotels Corporation considers responsible environmental activity good for both business and the community. They were the first company to be awarded the Energy Star® award from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. They continually develop practices which conserve energy and water, as well as improve methods of recycling. They produce guidelines for all of their hotels and their goal is to ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’ wherever possible.
Hilton is actively evaluating and implementing additional green technologies in their facilities and one of their new initiatives is to install the Cheetah, demand controlled ventilation system.
They have installed the energy saving system into one of their flagship hotels,The Hilton Birmingham Metropole giving them an excellent saving and a pay back of just 1.09 years.

The daily saving for both energy and money are vast. Previously, when the extract fan was running at full speed for 24 hours, they would expect to use 220.67 kWh / day, since the installation of Cheetah consumption has been reduced to 105.59 kWh / day. With the added benefit of savings from conditioned air losses this gave a total annual saving of £11,400 or 403,569 kWh.
The extract and supply air are now automatically controlled by Cheetah as conditions in the kitchen demand. The system continuously monitors cooking activity in the kitchen and adjusts the speed of the extract and supply fan to match these conditions. This is done whilst maintaining the comfort level for the kitchen staff.
Converting to Cheetah was not only a good business move by Hilton with such a short pay back but also a massive energy saving investment too.
We continue to install the Cheetah system across the entire estate of Hilton Hotels.
Download the full case study here.